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If you find the words, '^-*Sorry, it's late for updating*-^'. Change the sites listed above and try again. If all of them show the same words, I appologize for it. There may be three reasons, one is the FTP server on the busy status and can't be connected. My computer is unable to work with to be another. I am tired or sick to the the other. Anyway, thank you all.
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Monday, 23, November

It's not very easy to maintain so many of pages, especially the different language versions. I will try and do my best.

If you have any good ideas or any source codes, welcome to share with all those who visit.

Friday, 19, November

Update 'Magic Power Net' for all new look like. I tried the very cool skills of GIF's animation but the file is too big. Anyway, I shell design new ones with Flash.

It's so lucky that the ftp server of Crosswinds to be connected so that I could upload all English pages. All the sites are online now.

Thursday, 18, November

This is the first day announce 'The Paradise for C++ Builder, Delphi, and VB'. I do hope it would be a nice try to learn more about programming and to know more friends who come from any conutries.

Follow the way of Linus Trovold's, all the useful programs in the paradise are opened. That means you can add any functions or modify the source codes as you want.

The source codes or the executable files you download, you may find a lot of strange characters. That's OK, they are the traditional Chinese codes, called 'Big5'. I promise to translate them into Englsih as soonas possible.

May God bless this paradise and every who visits.