Visual Basic Source Codes

vbTickCount( 2KB, 1999/10/08)

With this, you will see some truth about time interval on 9x and NT.


This class module helps a lot if you want to write system applications.

It's easy to get the kinds of operation systems, versions, login user name, CPU types and etc.. How powerful it is.


Close the 'Identities' window if you install both Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.

Download the excutable file now.


How do you feel about the window's title of IE4 or IE5 such as "Magic Power Net - Microsoft Internet Explorer privided by AOL" ? Of course, very bad.

With ieNamer, you can change the name you want. Further more, if you understand registry a lot, this helps you to create an application like WinBoost.


If you have to use the same keys to complete your works and feel boring, you can try to use this small program. It sends the same key instructions to an application. How to use it, the limination is your imagination.

Use SendKeys funtions in Visual Basic. You may find the details in the on-line documents.


Use MID funtions to change the plain-text file into certain format.


This program will find the prime numbers in long-integer domain. Compare the one in Delphi's code, you will see the ...


You don't need to worry about if you want to read or write an ini files with vbIniFile.CLS.

Forget the API calls with adding vbIniFile.CLS in your projects.


Though there are functions in Visual Basic, the limination is very critical. We can call API functions but not convenient.

It is a little like VCL and easy to use. Support reading and writing strings only.

ShowPics (11KB,1999/05/05)

ACADSee is very convenient to show the pictures, but not under full-screen mode. If you want to chaneg the previous images, you have to click the right-button of mouse, move and choice. With ShowPics, it's easy to see the previous or the next ones.

With the index files of ShowPics, it become a powerful engine to show pictures. You can make your own Photo-CD easily. If you save the ShowPics's index files on your hard disk, you make a self picture's database.