Delphi Source Codes


1999/09/13, v1.1, support modifying by command line.

You can modify the caption of IE4 or IE5 window's caption.


To find the prime numbers in an interval of long integer which supported by Pascal. You may find how long it take to get the prime numbers in the interval. In this example, you will agree that executable file generated by Delphi to be powerful.

CPUID (28KB,1999/09/29)

1999¦~09¤ë29¤é¡ASupport to save file in command lines.

Are you afraid of buying a remarked CPU? Don't worry about that if you have CPUID.

The kernel of this program was written my assembly, and it will show you the four parameters of CPU.

--> Download the excutable free

Temperatures (7KB,1999/05/05)

It's quite strange to write temperatures to be a program? That's true, it is just a example of Objected Pascal. OOP, it is so convenient.