C++ Builder Source Codes


Get 1ms under Windows on PC.

-->Download the excutable file


Someone will not believe the efficiency which was made by Visual Basic's compiler, thus I write it in C++ once more. You will see that the interfase of C++ version is almost the same as the one of Visual Basic. If you are interested to compare what's difference between, you may visit the page of Visual Basic Source Codes and download it. Complie, link and try ...

-->Download the excutable file


An example of function pointer in C/C++. This is the the powerful point of C/C++, and it means you can translate a function as a parameter.

It si a very easy to understand. Most of all, it can be compiled and linked not only in C++ Builder 4 but also Visuall C++ 6.


Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 6 (Chinese VersionĦAVisual C++ 6 Techer's GuideĦATranslated by Ming-gi, Chi)ĦAPage 209 ~ Page 210


In order to save your money, I wrote FixOLbug again in C++ Builder. The excutable one is only one tenth of the Visual Basic's one.

For more details...

AutoPing (8KB,1999/05/24)

1999/06/25, upgrade to version of C++ Builder 4.

Do you have the problem of being diconnectted when you surf on the net? AutoPing will sovle it.

CrIndex (10KB,1999/05/05)

To create the index files of ShowPics'. You may apply it with ShowPics and recognize them to be powerful.

Easy Editor (17KB,1999/08/10)

1999/08/10, fix the bugs because of C++ Builder 4 changes the order of trigger and add the function to record the last directory being used.

1999/08/07, upgrade to version of C++ Builder 4.

1999/06/13, Add the functions of recoderding the size and posision of easy editor's window. The other function is Always On Top. You may get the informations by drag-and-drop.

A easy word processor. You may change the font style with it. Because of source codes open, you can add any functions you want by yourself.

Bugs knownĦG

PiBan (7KB,1999/06/25)

1999/06/25ĦAUpgrate to C++ Builder 4.

The idea is from Visual Basic's "Computer Exercise". Piban is able to activate a lot of same programs or open a lot of same files. It is like the Java viruses which open a lot of useless windows to use all the resources and hang the computer down. Some anti-viris program will think it to be a virus just because of the logical structure to be the same as the Java ones.