About Webmaster

Name: Mario

Chinese Name¡GHsu, Yu-hsian(Rome spelling on my passport)

Nickname: Mr. Seven, Power.

Birthday¡GJanuary, 29, 1974

Languages¡GChinese, English, Taiwanese

ICQ: 22406556

Mobilephone: 886-930-297398(Only availeble when I am in Taiwan)

Home¡GNo. 28-2 Chington street, Tongshee town, Taichung County, Taiwan, R.O.C.


My will: Make the life being better for all the human beings.

Like to say: I am a genius. ^-*

Always say: Act right now!

Prefessional: Develop system softwares, and system integrity.


Prefer studying new technologies, using new ones, and trying how to make them comman to be used by everyone.
Read the bibles, know heros, and travel everywhere.


    1. Planning Teacher of Art Treasure Educational Institute.
    2. Guider for computer of National Science Museum.
    3. Lecturer of Mitac's Educational Center.
    4. Chief information officer of Fern Tile Plastics company.
    5. Chief information officer of Far East Name-plate company.
    6. Special infomation advisor for Yang's Clinic.

Commercial software developed by me:

    1. Support system for entering the market.
    2. Producing management system of Fern Tile Company's.
    3. Ship management system of Fern Tile Company's.
    4. Store management system of Fern Tile Company's.
    5. Producing management system of Far East Company's.
    6. Ship management system of Far East Company's.

If you have any problems of using computers, consider me as your special advisor.

If you need the good-operated commercial software, tell me please.